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As a skilled information technology professional, you hold great value to the business world. But can you gain genuine front-door access to top companies and be made consistently aware of the full range of opportunities available in the marketplace that will allow you to reach your true career potential?

Blue Vector, Inc. can give you that access, and much more. We have established and nurtured real long-term relationships with many leaders in the banking, finance, communications, healthcare, legal, manufacturing and technology industries. While our proximity to and extensive work with Wall Street clients gives us unique access to the center of the modern business world, many of these clients maintain offices across the United States, giving your job search a national reach.

We take personal care of our job seekers, matching each candidate to the most ideal job opportunities based on your stated preferences and skills. Because we focus exclusively on talent for all levels of technical positions, you will always receive the most fitting opportunities that will allow you to do what you do best and love most. And because we're trusted advisors to many of the top notch employers you seek, we can get you past the gatekeepers and present you to the decision makers as our personal recommendation for their specific IT requirements.

We hope you'll take advantage of the unparalleled access, personal attention and precise placement we offer our IT professionals. We look forward to launching the next phase in your brilliant technology career.

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