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We are genuine IT specialists. Blue Vector was founded by partners with a first-hand understanding of technology recruitment's special challenges and requirements. Unlike generic staffing agencies or recruitment firms that relegate their technology services to that "guy in the corner," Blue Vector focuses its talent acquisition efforts through specialized recruiting teams devoted to specific technology practice areas and work to exclusively match professionals in their sphere of expertise with fitting jobs across a wide spectrum of industries. This intensity of focus has enabled us to build a depth of talent and experience to offer professionals in these disciplines with confidence -- a precision that makes a significant difference in your company's technical human assests.

At Blue Vector, we value our customers. We believe in long-term relationships with our clientele based on a track record of successful IT recruitment, timely service and personalized attention to our clients' needs. We also cultivate an in-depth, professional understanding of everyone in our talent pool, using stringent application and qualification methods to ensure that we always provide our clients with the strongest candidates for the job. Our access to these individuals comes from our consistently pursuing and maintaining a strong network of professional relationships within the technology sector. While many of our clients are headquartered on Wall Street and throughout the tri-state area, we maintain multiple bases across the US to help our clients with their branch office IT needs on a national and global scale.

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