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Looking for calculators to help figure out your rate requirements, cost of living expectations, or moving expenses? Take a look at our list of online calculators.

Job Accessor

Do you really know whether a particular job is a good fit for your long-range plans? This Job Assessor can give you a clearer view of potential pros and cons.

Salary Wizard

How much will you make? Evaluate salary ranges for different job positions, categories and levels.

Cost of Living Calculator

What kind of income will you need to live comfortably in a specific city? Get the facts with our Cost of Living.

IRS Witholding Calculator

How will taxes impact your net earnings? Use this calculator to estimate how much of your gross earnings must be withheld for the IRS.

Career Change Calculator

What career change best suits your technology skill set? What you gain or lose in the transition? Our Career Change Calculator will set you onto the right path.

Salary Comparison Calculator

Compare your current salary against industry averages.

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